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View features of Palm Village, rooms and amenities

View from the lobby Palm Bungalow - available in single, twin and triple bed Rest and relax by the veranda Another view of Palm Bungalow Flowers and plants providing shade on veranda Bamboo House - available in standard and family size Double bed in Bamboo House Double bed in Palm Bungalow Single bed in Palm Bungalow Double bed in Palm Bungalow Another view of the double bed Triple bed in Palm Bungalow Wooden House - a new addition to Palm Village Master bedroom in Wooden House Twin bedroom in Wooden House Living room in Wooden House Fruits and tea come standard with Wooden House Bathroom in Wooden House Hot shower is available in all rooms Get a massage to relax and revitalize after your trip Open-air breakfast in the lobby Pool at night time Pool at day time Amenities in Palm Bungalow A view of Palm Bungalow An aerial view of Bamboo House - available in standard and family size ផ្ការំយ៉ោល Flowers and plants Flowers and plants ផ្កាត្រែលឿង ផ្កាមេអំបៅ ផ្កាក្រដាស ផ្កាត្រែ ផ្កាត្រែ ផ្កាមេអំបៅ ផ្កានួនស្រី ផ្កាកំប្លឹង ផ្កាក្ងោកតឿ ផ្កាកំប្លឹង ផ្កាចេក ផ្កាម្ជុល ផ្កាដំបងយក្ស ផ្កាដំបងយក្ស ផ្កាឈូក ផ្កាចំប៉ីរ ផ្កាម្ជុល ផ្កានួនស្រី ផ្កាក្ងោកតឿ ផ្កាម៉ោងដប់